American Express

The challenge

We worked with the Technology division of American Express at a time when the business was promoting a ‘growth mindset’ to encourage employees to take responsibility for their own learning and development.

The Comms team was looking for a fresh perspective and independent analysis of its plan and some specific channels.

The solution

Our work covered three areas.

  • we reviewed each of the organisation’s primary comms channels, assessing them in terms of consistency, clarity and quality. These channels included plasma screen messages, regular emails and the intranet
  • we interviewed members of the Comms team to get a wider perspective of the challenges facing the business
  • we attended some of the regular comms-related meetings.

The value

The insight we gathered from the desk research and in-person conversations enabled us to create a report that set out a ‘perfect world’ scenario alongside more realistic and achievable ambitions for the organisation.

Specific challenges that we addressed included engaging senior leaders in comms activity, reducing comms ‘noise’ and measuring progress.

We also outlined how existing comms matched up to current best practice and shared some resources that would enable the team to keep up-to-date with the latest thinking.

The team is now putting these recommendations into place.