City & Guilds Group

The challenge

As an evolution of our audit work with the City & Guilds Group, we supported the organisation as it upgraded its CityNet intranet platform from SharePoint 2010 to 2013.

The project team was looking for an employee training programme that would help people to see the value of the upgraded CityNet and be able to use it effectively. They wanted employees to make the most of the new social features as conversation and collaboration tools.

The solution

Our goals were to:

  • get CityNet Champions up to speed on the new CityNet so they could work as they currently did – and better
  • get the Champions able to train Content Owners and other admin-type colleagues to do some of their own uploading (‘devolved administration’)
  • get Users up to speed on the new functionality available to them.

Firstly, we interviewed members of the Comms and IT teams to better understand the organisation from a content, user and technical point of view.

We also reviewed existing data, including the most popular pages and searched-for terms on the existing platform.

Pulling together all this information, we created a report that outlined core user types, their base activity and their needs. This enabled us to make appropriate recommendations for comms, training material and an overall approach.

The value

We ran two three-hour ‘train the trainer’ sessions for Champions that covered topics such as:

  • how to answer tough questions you may get from colleagues
  • the difference the new CityNet will make to your life
  • how to carry out important tasks, such as completing your profile and loading a story in the new system
  • how to share what you’ve learned with your colleagues.

Feedback from Champions was excellent, and they used the tools we provided to share useful information with their colleagues and cascade that guidance through the organisation.

The sessions were also recorded and made available on the intranet for anyone who wanted a refresher or more detail.

The new CityNet was launched successfully in early 2015.