Tulip Times

The challenge

Tulip is one of the UK’s leading food companies, the largest producer of pork in the UK and Britain’s biggest pig farmer. It has a 7,000-strong workforce. Eighty per cent of employees are based in a production environment with little or no access to email, so most communications were delivered in person through daily, weekly and monthly team briefings.

The solution

The relaunched Tulip Times is definitely not a piece of corporate propaganda – there’s not even a Tulip logo on the front cover! It certainly lives up to its new tagline (Your company, your stories, your magazine), with an entertaining variety of articles featuring employees from all areas of the business.


English is not the first language for many of Tulip’s employees, so the language used in the magazine has to be clear and accessible in order to engage a diverse readership. With an attractive mix of infographics, large professional photographs, news snippets, in-depth features, pork recipes and fun items, Tulip Times has something for everyone.

The value

The figures don’t lie – a poll conducted after the relaunch confirms that Tulip Times is a big hit with the workforce:

• 95 per cent of respondents read it
• 90 per cent feel it’s relevant to them and their role
• 92 per cent feel it keeps them well informed about the business
• 88 per cent feel it keeps them up to date with what’s happening across Tulip sites.

Employee feedback is equally strong, with comments including “you feel everyone is part of it”, “it looks like a magazine you would buy from the shops”, “nice to see people’s pictures and achievements” and “a lot more exciting since the relaunch”.