Heineken Heilights

The challenge

HEINEKEN Ireland is one of Ireland’s leading beer and cider companies, and is well known for its innovative products and premium brand experiences. The company employs around 650 people across Ireland.

Although HEINEKEN Ireland’s office workers had easy access to the intranet every day, the factory workers and sales people rarely had the chance to view intranet content, so felt rather left out.

This lack of intranet access made it difficult for them to do things like getting colleagues’ contact details, finding out about in-house job vacancies and requesting their staff allocation of beer. Keeping up to date on company news and developments was also problematic and they risked missing out on offers and opportunities.

The solution

HEILIGHTS is a mobile app that takes content directly from their corporate intranet and puts it into the pockets of HEINEKEN Ireland employees. So all employees now have easy access to intranet content 24/7.

The app has a simple yet appealing design and includes a range of key features that make it interesting (news categorisation and share price), helpful (latest job vacancies and beer orders), and above all practical (the phonebook has a really smart search function that’s ultra-quick – there’s no need to type in the full name, just a few letters will bring up a list of possible names to choose from).  Running the app is easy since the team is small.

The employees love HEILIGHTS, not least because it works offline so can be used underground, on a plane or out in the beautiful Irish countryside; wherever they are, they have instant access to company news and announcements. The app also includes the company phonebook, details of in-house vacancies and the all-important beer ordering system (however, an internet connection is required to send an order).

The app is a model of simplicity… at least that’s how it appears to HEINEKEN Ireland employees. However, there’s a lot of activity going on in the background, of course: the app takes news content from the intranet, which is in SAP; the content is transferred securely to Sequel’s relay server, where it is encrypted and made available for HEINEKEN employees who have downloaded HEILIGHTS on their phones; it’s then decrypted and placed within the relevant sections of the app.

The app has to be easy to run because the team responsible for it is small and has limited resources. HEINEKEN Ireland has an ongoing support contract with Sequel so that if a new operating system is released, or there’s a security issue, or people join or leave the organisation, the HEINEKEN team can relax, safe in the knowledge that everything’s been taken care of.

The value

HEILIGHTS has been really well received by HEINEKEN Ireland employees across the country, including those working in a factory environment and the sales teams who spend much of their time on the road.

In all, around two-thirds of the 650-strong workforce have downloaded the app. Users regularly access HEILIGHTS because it’s a mine of useful information. The company phonebook feature is proving particularly popular.

Oh, and by the way, ordering beer is now a piece of cake!

The HEINEKEN Ireland comms team is delighted with the app – in a post-project survey, Sequel achieved the maximum score in terms of the app product and the likelihood of recommending us to a colleague or contact.  When asked why the team chooses to work with Sequel, the response was short and sweet: ‘Relationship’.