Nationwide Events App

The challenge

Nationwide is the largest building society in the world and one of the top three savings providers and mortgage lenders in the UK. It has around 19,000 employees.

The society had bought an app for an individual event in the past, but although it worked well, it was redundant afterwards, clogging up devices and displaying out-of-date information.

Rather than repurchase an app for each event they held, Nationwide wanted a flexible, multi-user, multi-event, multi-purpose event app that could be used again and again, with minimal effort on the part of organisers and users alike.

The solution

There are many event apps on the market, but Sequel’s My Events app has a number of unique functionalities that set it apart from the competition:

  • this is a single app that can be used by the whole business because it supports multiple events
  • users can be assigned to any number of events
  • all events show up on the user’s home screen – so they can go into each one in turn, to take part in social activity
  • users key in their profile information once only – it automatically transfers across all the events they are invited to
  • each event can be given its own branding, helping users to differentiate between them
  • the app has a simple content management system – with minimal training, the in-house content manager can use the app to build their own events, and run and update the event content
  • the app automatically adds the event date to the calendar on the user’s device.


Based on Sequel’s appic framework, we delivered the app quickly and to a fairly custom specification, including top-level penetration testing, to ensure it met Nationwide’s stringent security standards.

The end result was an app, distributed in the Apple, Android and Windows apps stores, that’s easy for the client to manage, meets security standards, is simple to download, use and (importantly) re-use, time and time again. There’s also a web-based version with content and functionalities identical to the main app.

Nationwide used Sequel’s My Events app for its annual award ceremony, initially to drip-feed information carefully to attendees in the four weeks leading up to it.

The information feed was carefully scheduled and managed by the Nationwide Comms team and Sequel to ensure that the excitement and the hype built up gradually, reaching a crescendo on the big day.

The app is very socially focused, with open, free-flowing, peer-to-peer communication to really drive information and excitement among users. It’s rather like a cross between an events website and a Facebook page. Nationwide used it to get the conversation going… and to keep it going.


and “wonderful”.

The value

It certainly did the trick – the social functions went wild… a great mix of practical and fun uses. Employees uploaded photos of what they were going to be wearing on the day, asked each other questions and chatted about the event. And the Nationwide Comms team ran polls to find out things like the preferred welcome drink and dessert.

Nationwide also used the app to send out push notifications of four ‘Ask me anything’ sessions featuring previous award winners who were available on social media at a predetermined time to answer attendees’ questions.

On the night, people posted photos of themselves getting ready for the event – one even demonstrated how to do a bow tie! Some also shared photos from their journey to the venue.

And the social media activities continued during the event itself, with people posting photos and comments throughout the evening. The event was also filmed and uploaded live, so that invitees unable to attend could watch it live on their device.

Feedback and measurement

The usage stats for Nationwide’s annual awards event are impressive.

  • potential users: 383
  • total number of users: 361 (includes 55 who used the web version)
  • overall usage rate: 94per cent

Between them, the 361 users came into the app a total of 4,605 times. So on average, each user used the app at least 12 times during the four-week period – an excellent result!

Feedback received on the app from the Comms team and event attendees was “fulsome”, “awesome” and “wonderful”.