Nationwide Live!

The challenge

Nationwide is the largest building society in the world and has around 700 branches across the UK, a headquarters in Swindon and two admin centres, employing  around 19,000 people.

We were asked to review its quarterly printed magazine Live!, to better reflect Nationwide’s transformation into a ‘truly digital Society’.

The challenge was to create a fully responsive digital publication that can be viewed on any device, reaching more people along with the ability to interact, comment and get in touch. We also wanted to add colour and value to content through multi-media.


The solution

With the Nationwide team, we sat down to listen to the needs of the audience and the business. We created a flexible, magazine-like site that is perfect for video, audio and animations and also allows readers to interact via comments, ratings, thumbs up and email.

The site sits outside the Nationwide intranet, making it accessible on readers’ own devices at home or on the move. However it is non-searchable and fully secure and is white listed, so it can also be viewed inside the Nationwide network.

The value

Readership statistics included:

  • around 1,000 sessions on the day of launch
  • 54,000 page hits
  • people accessed the site from more than 200 locations across Nationwide.

We also held a cross-Nationwide survey and this showed that:

  • 82 per cent think the new bi-monthly format is ‘right’
  • 76 per cent will happily give Live! their attention for 6-15 minutes
  • 74 per cent browse through each issue
  • 79 per cent were happy with the coverage of different parts of the business.