PPF Connect

The challenge

The Pension Protection Fund (PPF) was established following the 2004 Pensions Act to pay compensation to members of defined benefit pension schemes when employers become insolvent and are unable to meet their pension obligations.  In just a decade, the PPF has grown from a start-up of 50 employees to an organisation of more than 300 people.

The organisation’s vision to be a ‘Customer Focused Financial Institution’ is about operating in a prudent and professional manner so it can meet its financial obligations to members, now and in the future.

As it has grown significantly in recent years, there’s now a huge diversity within the organisation in terms of experience, age and role specialism, and the PPF internal communication team wanted to engage, inform and empower all employees to deliver the best possible service.

The solution

The new, quarterly print magazine, Connect, brings to life the people and teams that make up the PPF, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment, connecting people to the strategic focus and helping to embed new departments/functions. It celebrates people and teams as well as covering more serious subjects – like risk or strategy – with the content and design playing key roles in presenting them in an engaging and surprising way.

The value

The publication is quickly gaining traction with employees and teams requesting for their stories to be featured in CONNECT. The pagination has also been increased to meet the demand for space in the magazine.

Evidence from PPF’s general employee-wide internal communications survey indicates that CONNECT has been a contributing factor for 94% of PPF staff feeling ‘very’ or ‘quite well’ informed.