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08 July 2015

IABC Conference: 10 things we learnt

1) Consider how the world sees you and amplify your communication strengths. Don’t waste time trying to be something you’re not, because it will drain you and won’t be authentic.


2) Be adaptive. Why write a five-year plan when things are moving so fast that something could change tomorrow and make that plan irrelevant?


3) Don’t expect to get your intranet right on day one. Success here is a succession of small steps.


4) Condense everything. A good 40-page PowerPoint presentation will always be trumped by one great bullet point.


5) Different is better than better. Focus on what makes you and your organisation different and shout about it.


6) Don’t let patterns become the default. Beginners ask experts for advice, so do the same to keep challenging yourself.


7) Television took decades to be adopted by 50 million people; an App has the potential to do that in five months, according to research. The world is changing fast, so always leave flexibility in your plans.


8) Tap into your informal networks. Research shows that 3% of your employees will be able to reach and influence 90% of your organisation, so find out who’s in that group and work with them.


9) Be open to the room. Sometimes you just need to ditch the script and have a conversation.


10) When you’re planning mobile comms, consider how and when your audience uses information so you can deliver it in context. Don’t just shrink your website.