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31 March 2012

5 things… choosing the right print for your magazine

1. The first thing to consider is quantity. Being sure of the amount you need allows you to buy in bulk and avoid small repeat orders that can incur extra cost and unnecessary hassle.

2. Consider the number of pages you need, and try to work in multiples of four as this will provide  you with the best value when it comes to printing – 4pp; 8pp; 12pp; 16pp; and so on.

3. Think carefully about your page size. Standard size is A4 up to 305×215 which suits most print presses and demonstrates best value for money. Be aware that larger page sizes potentially increase your costs due to paper, printing plates, print machine time and delivery costs.

4. Typically a magazine will print using four colour process inks, CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black(k).Pantone colours may be used in conjunction with CMYK, however costs would increase per additional pantone and scheduling would also be something to consider.

5. There are a variety of options when choosing your paper; you can have a silk, matte, gloss or uncoated finish and you will also need to consider the weight of your paper. These factors will impact the quality of the final result and the cost. You might also want to consider environmental certification and accreditations: FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, and the recyclable content –50%-100%.