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01 May 2012

5 things you really need to know about…briefing a photographer

1.     Follow the rule of thumb: who, what, where, when, why. These are key details that ensure the photographer knows where they need to be and on what date and time, who or what they’re taking the photo of and what the story is about.

2.     Provide a clear brief detailing whether it is a print or online publication, who or what the subject is, what the location is like and an overview of the story. It can help to send through a copy of the publication in advance.

3.     Tell the photographer what size photos you need (including whether you need portrait or landscape) and if you need low or high res images.

4.     Give the photographer a clear time frame – don’t tell them to turn up at the time the shoot is due to start – they will need time to set up beforehand.

5.     If they are shooting a cover photo it’s imperative you tell them where the masthead is going to be so that they leave enough space.

Information provided by Steve Williams of Williams Photo Agency.