Barclays: Changing employees’ perception on disability

The challenge

A leading retail bank needed to raise awareness and change branch employees’ perceptions about disabled customers’ needs, and provide specific examples of how service could be improved.

Our solution

We featured customers with disabilities in a series of films so that their personal experiences would help employees see their branches and activities from a different perspective.

A main, longer form film was used in training and induction, for both facilitated sessions and individual viewing.  A series of accessibility apps provided tips on disability etiquette and specific ways to assist customers with impairments and were used in regular branch training and available to staff on intranet and hand-held devices.

The value

Success was measured by reducing the volume of customer complaints regarding colleague knowledge and interaction, and the use of the accessibility app and colleague help pages that house the training videos. We were asked to produce further films for bank colleagues, raising awareness around a number of topics including dementia and the films won an IVCA Clarion Award for their excellence.