CPRE: Defining comms strategy

The challenge

CPRE (the Campaign to Protect Rural England) is a national environmental charity that campaigns for a beautiful and living countryside.

The Communications team wanted to build a fuller picture of comms within the organisation, and understand what it could learn from the latest industry trends.

Our solution

After speaking to the Comms team, we based our approach on three elements.

Firstly, we carried out desk research to review existing comms channels. What messages were being communicated, when, how and by whom?

The next stage was to carry out one-to-one interviews with a range of employees for greater context and detail.

Finally, we set up an online survey for members of the Branch network. This helped us to understand the relationships between the National Office HQ, the eight regions and 43 branches.

We followed up the survey with a few short telephone interviews to clarify and sense check the responses.

The impact

We presented the comprehensive report to the senior team and could report that there were many things working well, but that introducing a simple intranet would provide the foundation for the organisation’s ongoing development. We explained our thinking and outlined a business case for this investment. The team is now reviewing next steps