Family Nurse Partnership: Education with empathy

The challenge

The Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) works with parents aged 24 and under, partnering them with a specially trained family nurse, usually referred by a midwife, who visits them regularly from early pregnancy until their child is two.

To supplement their training programme for family nurses and associated professionals the FNP wanted to create three films that illustrate the challenges the nurses can face, as well as how to deal with difficult situations.

The films were to be shown and discussed at regular training sessions, both to break up the classroom content and to illustrate both theory and practice.

Our solution

Sequel filmed three scenarios involving real FNP nurses and their clients, using an actress for a particularly sensitive subject.

The first, Respectful Challenge, deals with how to address behaviours that could affect the health of the unborn or new baby without breaking the bond of trust already established with the parent.

The second, Working with Purpose, focuses on addressing a pressing issue, such as homelessness or mental health, and using the FNP guides to offer clients further support, while still following the programme’s structured approach.

The third, Supervision, introduces the important role of supervisors in supporting the nurses when they encounter difficult situations.

Each film was delivered along with a variety of smaller clips for the FNP to use on social media.

The value

Since being produced, the films have been used during training sessions, core learning events and ongoing supervisor learning days, resulting in educational discussions and debates with about 25 nurses twice a year. The films have also been added to the FNP’s online learning platform where teams can access them for future training.

Trainee nurses reported that they found the films hugely informative by showing them real scenarios they may encounter and felt more confident about the importance of their role as well as the support available to them.

FNP awarded Sequel top marks in a customer satisfaction survey.