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05 August 2013

Getting headspace, leaving work early and an angelic approach to sustainability


 A few of our favourite Internal Communication stories to think about for the week ahead:

Get some Headspace from Simply Comms

An app designed to help employees deal with stress by encouraging meditation in the workplace for 10 minutes each day.

Why Everyone on Your Team Should Leave Work Early Today from Entrepreneur

Some innovative ways that companies can foster better work relationships. (Our favourite is the ‘6″ rule in the winter’ – from a digital agency based in Salt Lake City – that if it snows more than 6 inches, and your projects can handle it, employees can be out skiing.)

Commercial Group’s angelic approach to sustainability from Guardian Sustainable Business

Commercial Group, specialising in Business services, engaged more than 97% of employees in sustainable activities through its Green Angels programme.

5 Things you can do to Improve Internal Communication from 15Five

The basics always bear repeating,  Five key things you could consider to improve your Internal Communication.