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19 March 2020

Feeling confused by change: part of the modern employee experience

In a Harvard experiment, researchers asked a queue of people waiting to use a photocopier if they could go first. They found that when they used the word ‘because’, people let them do it – even if the reason that followed was as feeble as “I need to make copies”. That’s because our brains respond to reason.

With our minds in mind, it’s no wonder that employees say they need more ‘why’ – particularly when it comes to change.

So always include the reasons for change, even if you feel people are going to be concerned or unhappy about them.

34% of people would avoid change completely if they could.

Change Perception Index

Sequel’s Insight and Content Manager Becky Leonard says: “By explaining the decision-making process, you’ll help your colleagues to understand why the organisation has made this choice – and hopefully bring them onside in the process.

“This is particularly important with organisational change, which often produces unsettling scenarios that inspire resistance in some form.”

But, while recognising the need to share the ‘whys’ behind change is important, it’s also only half the battle.

For change to stick, organisations also need to make sure these central reasons are communicated as meaningful and relevant statements that connect with their different employee audiences.

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