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08 April 2020

4 ways to unleash the power of #PositiveIC

Our top tips for a positive approach to communication that raises morale, build connections and boosts engagement.

Last week we made the business case for happiness. We explained that sharing good news and recognising superstar colleagues isn’t just good for your colleagues’ – and your own – moods, it’s good for business too.

Experts tell us that employees who are happier at work are more engaged, more productive and more loyal to their organisations.

So, at challenging times, how can organisations inject some positivity into the employee experience and boost employee morale? Here are our top tips.

1. Go straight to the source

As always, your employees are your best tool when it comes to finding and sharing stories. Tap into your employee network or put a shout-out for stories on your internal channels.

And with social media crossing the line between internal and external comms, you’re likely to get examples from every part of life. From IT colleagues pulling out all the stops to keep people online, to those using their spare time to volunteer in the local community.

2. Help people say thank you

Recognition doesn’t have to be top-down. Set up a scheme to let employees recognise otherwise unsung heroes who they’ve noticed going the extra mile. Whether through digital cards or as a social media campaign on the likes of Yammer, you’ll make employees feel appreciated and connected to their peers.

Check out this case study from Bupa to see how colleagues sharing almost 200,000 printed and e-cards brought their values to life.

3. Make the most of video

As the current influx of live streaming personal trainers and viral clips of musical families show us, video is a great way to feel connected.

As Claudi Schneider, Senior Producer at Sequel, explains: “While organising professional shoots may be tricky under social distancing guidelines, it’s still possible to use user-generated clips to share open, relevant and authentic messages.

“With a little bit of expert advice and editing magic, you can create a video that will really resonate with your audience.”

4. Encourage conversation

Social networking tools like Yammer and Workplace by Facebook don’t become an instant success – they need careful thought and planning.

Make a plan to bring people together with a series of themed tasks, such as introducing their #FluffyColleagues, or running weekly quizzes and polls. And once you’ve plotted your posts, prepare a couple of employees to take part and get the ball rolling.

For example, here at Sequel, we’ve been running several challenges on Yammer. We started by sharing the views from our desks – from kitchen tables to games rooms, with guest spots from various pets and family members.




Sequel is recognising the power of positivity by helping clients show their appreciation of employees who are going above and beyond to help colleagues and support business objectives and the wider community.

Interested? Contact for details of how to get started.

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