FremantleMedia: Balancing IT and comms needs

The challenge

FremantleMedia is best known as the world’s leading creators, producers and distributors of television brands, including Idols, Got Talent, The X Factor,Take Me Out, The Apprenticeand The Price Is Right, operating across 31 countries. More recently, the business has moved into the world of high-quality, original scripted dramas with shows like Hard Sun and American Gods.

Their internal goal for FremantleMedia is to be ‘the place creatives call home’ but the only channel for information and communication is a cumbersome SharePoint-based intranet that isn’t easy to use.

To better reflect the values and changing nature of the business, the communication team want an internal comms suite that is more social, collaborative and engaging.

As part of a technology refresh, the IT team were bringing in Office 365 and all the possibilities it brings, but the business needed to know it was the right choice and which of the many tools would provide the comms mix that everyone needs.

IT and comms were suggesting conflicting requirements and technology, and the deadline for a business decision was fast approaching.

The solution

We held a series of workshops with Comms, HR, Legal and IT to review the challenges and to see where we could help them ‘narrow the gap’ between the freedom that Comms required and the secure technical solution required by IT.

This included exploring their goals, messages, and audiences and comparing these with the tools available in the Office 365 suite and beyond.

We then created a matrix and personas for the different audiences in terms of their technical ability, where they work and how they work. We mapped the information, messages and ways of working, including transactional processes, agreed the structure as well as the security details around what level of access people could have.

The impact

The end result is a mix that reaches all of the audiences, is secure where needed and satisfies all of the goals of the major stakeholders. It combines O365, Workplace and collaborative spaces for team working, as well as a traditional intranet for the important information that everyone needs to know, as well as great social functions for user-generated content.