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BUPA: Fun campaign delivers serious message

The challenge

In 2017, there were growing concerns that some people weren’t washing their hands after using the bathroom. Given the nature of Bupa’s work, it is of utmost importance that Bupa UK people understand the importance of good hand hygiene and wash their hands after using the bathroom. The challenge was communicating this message using a different, fun and approachable concept.

Our solution

Bupa’s internal comms team came up with a creative concept of using pop song puns and we worked with their team to evolve the idea into an internal campaign of visual posters for doors, mirrors, soap dispensers and hand-dryers across Bupa UK sites. All elements of the posters, including the snappy headlines and eye-catching illustrations, were custom designed by Sequel. Each drawing and each poster was bold, quirky and fresh, making good use of colours from Bupa’s brand palette.

The impact

The result was a set of original illustrations that capture the audience’s musical interests, illustrate the key message effectively and encourage people to think about bathroom hygiene. Since the campaign launch, there has been an increase in the amount of soap purchased which is at the forefront of the battle against the spread of bacteria. The visual campaign has been very well received by employees with added support from senior leaders.