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22 June 2020

Helping internal communicators face the threat of cyber crime

Internal comms and cyber security: keeping employees informed and your information safe

It’s tempting to view cyber and information security as an IT problem, but our latest Sequel Presents Webinar reveals why it’s people, not tech, who make the difference between a secure company and a vulnerable one.

It also uncovers why good communication is so vital to our response.

The webinar, which is available to watch below, highlights the increasingly sophisticated techniques criminals are using to prey on businesses and individuals, such as spearphishing, whaling, vishing and smishing.

Highlights include an eye-opening demonstration from Sequel’s Digital Director Charles Fenoughty showing just how easy it is for cyber criminals to gather our personal information online, so they can personalise their attacks, fooling even the most digital-savvy targets.

John Fenoughty of IT security specialists Lithify reveals the moment he discovered that even the best security in the world is only as strong as our weakest link – human behaviour – while Corinne Linskell, employee engagement professional and Head of Digital and Cyber Security Awareness at Dixons Carphone explains how good communication can turn that weak link into a strength, transforming our people into our most valuable defence in the battle against cybercrime.

The webinar is a fascinating insight into the threats we face, both in our personal lives and at work, to our finances, businesses and our personal data.

It also provides vital tips to help internal communicators keep employees safe, as well as invaluable advice on how to raise awareness of the threats across your business.

You’ll learn how to plan a communications campaign and embed cyber and information security into the culture of your people and your business, from the top down.

YouTube video

For more practical advice on how to kick off your security campaign or how to work with your IT colleagues to make the important interesting, raise the profile of security and ensure your people have the best – and most secure – employee experience, contact

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