18 September 2013

How Internal Comms pros use social media survey with Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller from All Things IC will be surveying Internal Communication pros about how they use social media from the start of October 2013.Infographic Social Media 2012

Last year, Rachel ran the same survey, for which Sequel Group designed a infographic to demonstrate the results, and we are looking forward to being a part of this project again this year.

So why is Rachel repeating the survey this year and what is its value for IC pros:

“Internal communication professionals are increasingly using social media, both personally and professionally (managing on behalf of an organisation). Due to popular demand I’ve decided to repeat the survey I ran last year – How Internal Comms Pros Use Social Media – because feedback from IC professionals and comms students over the past 12 months shows that it’s a valuable set of information to refer to and benchmark alongside peers. It has enabled practitioners to have discussions in their organisations and sparked fresh thoughts in comms teams.

“I’m running it again for 2013 with the same questions because I’d like to see if there have been any changes since 2012. The responses will highlight any shifts in the expectations placed on internal communicators, and attitudes about the use of social media for internal communication. It will take five minutes, so do please have your say by completing the survey to help make this piece of work even more valuable.”

Some of the interesting stats from last year included:

  • 47% of internal social networks were launched without defining what they were aiming to achieve – highlighting the importance of defining purpose in order to effectively use measurement tools, such as the Four Pillars™ approach.
  • 59% of internal communications professionals expected their use of social media in their personal life to increase over the coming year.
  • The most popular internal social network used was Yammer, which 34.5% of those surveyed cited using.

To take part in the 2013 survey, please check for updates on Twitter at the start of October from @sequel_group and @AllthingsIC. You can see the full results for the 2012 survey on Rachel’s website.