Internal communications and engagement – from vision to reality

On Monday, our Associate Director – Strategy Paul Jones joined a panel of speakers in Swansea for a Government Communication Service (GCS) event titled ‘Internal communications and engagement – from vision to reality’.


A range of speakers explored the challenges and opportunities facing Government internal communications.

Paul provided an external perspective, sharing his thoughts on the shape of the wider internal comms industry. He challenged the 60 or so delegates to think about what we can learn from:

  • Dolly Parton (because use of the latest mobile technology means that many people don’t work ‘9-to-5’ at the same desk every day)
  • Steven Spielberg (because storytelling helps us to understand and remember important information)
  • Dating agencies (because using ‘big data’ – just as services like do – can help us to make more informed IC decisions).

Given that the event was in Swansea, he also showed immense bravery (possibly stupidity) by citing the England rugby team as an inspiration for internal communicators.

The reason? When England won the Rugby World Cup, the foundation of the team’s success was improving 100 things by just one per cent each. This ‘one per cent’ goal – which sounds eminently achievable – can add up to have a huge impact for any organisation.

The event boasted a great line-up of speakers, including Russell Grossman, Group Director of Communications – Department for Business, Innovation and Skills – who discussed the importance of internal communications saying that internal communications is as important as media relations.

Internal events are a great way to engage, educate and encourage internal networking between employees. We gave tips on hosting internal events in our Autumn 2014 issue of AQ magazine; our feature ‘It’s all about the pastries’.