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BUPA: Inspiring a culture of appreciation

The challenge

Bupa’s global #BupaThanks campaign invited employees to thank each other for the big and small things they do in support of Bupa’s new values: Passionate, Caring, Open, Accountable, Authentic, Courageous and Extraordinary.

Bupa needed a campaign that could easily be translated and that was culturally appropriate for a global audience. The collateral also needed to offer ’freedom within a framework’, so that local business units could adapt it as necessary to suite their audiences.

Our solution

We created and developed a suite of printable #BupaThanks cards in English which were then translated into five other languages – totalling 700 different card designs and clearly linked to the values.

We created and produced an animated teaser film to intrigue and excite colleagues about the upcoming campaign, as well as poster templates for global business units to adapt with local messaging.

The impact

During the Bupa Week, 186,000 printed and 7,573 e-cards were shared among colleagues – surpassing all expectations.  The #BupaThanks campaign inspired a culture of appreciation that remained in place long after Bupa Week ended, and successfully introduced employees to the new values in an engaging and very personal way.