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C&A Foundation: From Inspiring Women to Inspiring World


The challenge

C&A Foundation is a corporate foundation, working in partnership with international fashion retailer C&A. With a mission ‘to make fashion a force for good’, it aims to transform the fashion industry to make life better for the people making our clothes.

For the past three years, C&A has partnered with C&A Foundation on a global campaign to encourage employees to feel proud of the company, its values and their efforts to make a world a better and more sustainable place.

Between 2015 and 2017, the ‘Inspiring Women’ campaign asked employees to celebrate the women who have had an important influence on their live. The campaign mobilised more than 51,000 C&A employees around the world and raised over €2,000,000.

In 2018, C&A and C&A Foundation broadened the scope of the campaign to ‘Inspiring World’ to support their 2020 sustainability gaols and increase employee awareness of C&A’s commitment to sustainable fashion.

Our solution

We worked with the C&A Foundation to tell the stories of how the campaign had made an impact in previous years and to create the content for all the campaign assets – including a toolkit, posters and content for a specially created website.

We used inspiring language to encourage all C&A employees across Brazil, China, Mexico and Europe to add their voice to the campaign by imagining a better world for everyone. Employees could participate individually or with groups and were asked to share their dream for a better world on a ‘dreamcatcher card’ before taking a picture or video with it and uploading it to IW website – at which point they were also asked to vote for a charity, triggering a €10 donation.

The impact

The campaign was a huge success. In 2018, 65% of all employees participated in ‘Inspiring World’ and raised a massive €1,001,150 compared to 47% and 573, 940 € in 2017’s ‘Inspiring Women’. Within C&A, they raised awareness of gender and women’s rights among 50,000+ global colleagues.

Feedback also showed that:

  • 84% of employees feel proud to work at C&A
  • 60% of employees feel connected

The campaign also won the 2018 Employee Engagement Award for Social Responsibility.

We are proud to have been part of the team which helped inspire and mobilise thousands of employees to create a positive impact!