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Nationwide: Sales rocket after playful campaign for ‘gnome’ insurance

The challenge

Nationwide Building Society is partnering with RSA to offer its members improvements to its home insurance product. The partnership had been formally announced internally but to gain traction with branch colleagues and encourage sales, RSA needed an engaging and highly visual campaign to remind people to offer this service to customers. And they wanted to have fun doing it.

Nationwide home insurance fun viral employee campaign with gnome images. It's rhyme time, what's my gnome, gnome and away

Our solution

Under the slogan, ‘Think home. Think gnome’ we ordered 750 blue resin gnomes which were delivered to, and visibly displayed, in each branch, complete with a tag explaining why they were there.

The model gnomes were supported with bright and humorous gnome-related posters and emails inviting employees to name their gnome (What’s my gnome?), take their gnome to interesting places (Gnome and away) and make up limericks about their gnome (It’s rhyme time).

The posters also encouraged interaction on Nationwide’s internal and external social media channels where employees could enter competitions by posting names, pictures and limericks featuring their gnomes. The prize? A golden gnome and a lot of credibility!


The value

The poster campaign went viral on  internal social media, with hundreds of employees posting pictures of their gnomes in exotic locations, naming their gnomes and entering their own limericks. People had so much fun that the comms team had to send out a final email encouraging branches to ‘hibernate’ their gnomes for the winter.

Importantly, quotes for and sales of home insurance rocketed with a 70 per cent increase in both.

“Sequel has a really good reputation of delivering high standard work and I have to say I agree with this based on the gnome Insurance campaign,” said our Nationwide client.

‘Think home. Think gnome’ is an award winning internal communication campaign. It won a silver award for ‘Best internal communications campaign’ at the 2019 Internal Communications and Engagement Awards and a silver award for ‘Brilliance in Employee Engagement’ at the IC Brilliance Awards in the same year.