Nestle Talk: About the people, for the people

The challenge

The Nestlé UK and Ireland internal communications team had started to break down the silos between its different category businesses and build a sense of ‘one Nestlé’ through their communications mix.  However, Talk,their all-employee magazine, wasn’t quite hitting the mark.

It tended to centre on product PR and not the Nestlé people behind them. The team asked Sequel to help them relaunch the magazine with a better focus on people and strategic themes.

Our solution

We wanted to make sure employees ‘owned’ each story, bringing their role in creating products and services to the fore.

From factory operatives to medical experts, the range of people featured in the magazine reflects the breadth of the audience.

The stories are further brought to life by taking a lifestyle approach to the magazine, moving away from marketing speak to plain English, while still connecting employees to the Nestlé strategy and bringing it to life.

We also changed the size and design of the magazine, employing news stand values to create a warm, enthusiastic personality and worked with the brand team to introduce vibrant colours and typography outside the Nestlé palette.

The impact

Employees responded well to the new and improved Talkmagazine. A reader survey showed that: