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FremantleMedia: Targeted website delivers better user experience


The challenge

FremantleMedia is a global content company that creates, produces and distributes some of the world’s most popular content ranging from Got Talent, The X Factor, American Gods and Deutschland ’83.

However, the corporate website failed to reflect this internationally acclaimed and exciting brand and was not tailored to meet the needs of different users and had a complex site structure. Visitors had a challenging journey through the site, to find the information they were seeking.

Also, FremantleMedia had hundreds of social feeds, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in multiple languages from different countries which wasn’t being used to its full potential.

Our solution

Our challenge was to redesign and build a new site that was easy to run, up to date and exciting, and that met the needs of the target audiences. We put users at the heart of the design approach, using focus groups and workshops to segment the audience, developed clear personas and gained a strong understanding of the reasons why visitors access the site.

The Sequel team also completed a full content audit, to make sure that every piece of content on the site was correct, up to date, located in the right place and aimed at the right target audience.

Having gathered all this information, we developed an effective, efficient and uncluttered information architecture so that the user has an excellent experience whenever they visit, regardless of whether that’s on a mobile, tablet or desktop.

And the site includes an important new feature: the social media aggregator. We created a tool that takes the hundreds of social feeds and pulls it all together into a single feed with a consistent design style.

The impact

The new corporate site is better targeted at the right audiences. The user experience is greatly enhanced: the news is current and engaging; the site is logical, straightforward and quick to navigation; and the social media aggregator is saving seconds of load time for each user.

There’s been a marked increase in traffic to the site and to the amount of time visitors are spending there.