HEINEKEN: App reaches the employees other systems can’t

The challenge

HEINEKEN Ireland is one of Ireland’s leading beer and cider companies, employing around 650 people across Ireland. Although office workers had easy access to the intranet every day, the factory workers and sales people rarely had the chance to view intranet content.  This lack of access made it difficult to find colleagues’ contact details, find out about job vacancies and to request their staff allocation of beer. Keeping up to date on company news and developments was also problematic and they risked missing out on offers and opportunities.

Our solution

HEILIGHTS is a mobile app that takes content directly from the corporate intranet and puts it into the pockets of HEINEKEN Ireland employees giving all employees easy access to intranet content 24/7, wherever they are.

The app has a simple, appealing design and key features that make it interesting (news categorisation and share price), helpful (latest job vacancies and beer orders), and practical (the phonebook has a smart search function that’s ultra-quick with no need to type in the full name). It also has the important beer ordering system.

The impact

HEILIGHTS has been really well received by employees. Around two-thirds of the workforce have downloaded the app, with the company phonebook feature proving particularly popular.