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RBS: Combining chaotic platforms to create a functioning intranet


The challenge

After multiple restructures, the bank’s intranets were laden with out of date, hard to navigate and redundant content.

The digital landscape included 30+ home pages and more than 14 separate intranets on at least four different platforms, using different types of intranet technology.

The bank’s ongoing simplification agenda aimed to resolve this as part of a technology base fit for the future. The development team was beginning from a blank canvas and asked Sequel to help them paint a picture of what a new digital channel could look like.

Our solution

Working alongside HR, IT and communications, we carried out detailed user research and testing using card sorting techniques to design the site. We also created the core approach for content type and structure; audited to find the most important and useful content; created the core site maps and built the HTML and themes for the development team to implement.

The impact

The response from employees was positive: they liked the design and the way some content previously buried deep in the site has been brought prominently to the surface.

The new site is live, within RBS’s wider plan to move everything over and decommission old content – a process that will carry on for the next few years. Sequel’s in-house team is playing an important role in ensuring the intranet’s enduring success, as part of our technical support of the project.