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Kerry Group: Effective SharePoint intranet

The challenge

Kerry Group has 23,000 employees across over 50 countries serving 140 International markets.

After a move to Office 365’s SharePoint intranet, the group wanted to improve the new intranet to make it a user-friendly, useful and available experience. The goal was to create an intelligent solution that addressed a number of concerns including speed, a consistent technical experience and accessibility on any device.

Our solution

Content was put ahead of design as a priority. Focus group research involved more than 80 people over eight different sites in four countries. Phase one was to design and introduce a new home page as well as robust global navigation and wireframes and creative design was planned on the type of content requested from the focus groups. At the build stage, there was a big focus on the social aspects so that people could follow each other and use the spaces and documents they chose to, making the intranet experience really personal to (and for) them.

The impact

For the evaluation, we carried out a survey which had several hundred replies and blended that with the user stats. Results showed strong scores in employee satisfaction and business performance. Before the relaunch, there were an average 5,700 unique users a day: after there were 10,305.

The intranet was also recognised by the wider industry when it was named one of the “10 Best Intranets of 2017” by Nielsen Norman Group.