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Nationwide: Multi-user, multi-event, multi-purpose app saves time and money

The challenge

Nationwide had bought an app for an individual event, but although it worked well for the event, afterwards it clogged up devices and displayed out-of-date information.

Nationwide wanted a flexible, multi-user, multi-event, app that could be used multiple times, saving money, time and effort by organisers and users.

Our solution

Based on Sequel’s app:IC framework, we delivered an events app, distributed in the Apple, Android and Windows apps stores, that’s easy for the client to manage, meets security standards, is simple to download, use and (importantly) re-use, time and again. We also developed an identical web-based version.

Nationwide first used Sequel’s My Events app for its annual award ceremony, to drip-feed information in the four-week lead-up, to build excitement, and for the big day. The app has since been used for several other Nationwide events.


The impact

The app’s social functions went wild engaging people, building collaboration and excitement about the event! Employees uploaded photos of what they were going to be wearing, asked each other questions and chatted about the event and the Nationwide Comms team ran polls to find out preferences for a welcome drink and dessert.

They also used the app to send out push notifications for ‘Ask me anything’ sessions featuring previous award winners on social media at a predetermined time.

On the night, people posted photos of getting ready for the event – one even demonstrated how to do a bow tie – and the social media activities continued with photos and comments throughout the evening. The event was filmed and uploaded live so that invitees unable to attend could watch it on their device.

361 users came into the app a total of 4,605 times, visiting at least 12 times during the four-week period of the event.