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Fujitsu: Global magazine fuels sales and better understanding

The challenge

Fujitsu is the world’s third largest information and communication technology (ICT) company. Historically, they suffered in a competitive marketplace as employees were too deeply entrenched in their own regions and specialities.

A single global channel was needed to embrace all operations and reflect its vision of ‘One Fujitsu’.

Our solution

The Edge is an innovative interactive digital publication with a mobile version and tailored interactive PDF that can be shared with customers.

Primarily a sales tool, The Edge’s content has a strong purpose and call to action, with each article leading to reports or sales collateral that have a practical business use. The design is simple but effective and avoids navigational clutter to make it as easy to read as a print publication.

The impact

The Edge proved popular with readers,  with them sharing compliments such as: “As always, an excellent source of information.” and “Makes me feel proud to work for Fujitsu.”  And it proved practical too with 17% of readers saying they used content from The Edge to close a deal.