NATS: Digital magazine reduces costs and increases engagement

The challenge

We’d produced Pulse, a printed news magazine for NATS (National Air Traffic Services) employees for several years, but with the majority of NATS employees having computer access, working in key buildings, air traffic control centres, and airports across the UK, an online magazine made more sense. Going digital would reduce costs and give employees a more flexible way to read Pulse.

Our solution

The new digital Pulse complements NATS’ internal online news service, The Hub, by providing in-depth features and people stories. We also introduced a ‘news in brief’ section and a charity round-up, plus an option to include video, which is proving very popular.

Increasingly, Pulse content is user-submitted and presented in an informal blog-style reflecting the voice of the story contributor.  Following the switch to online, we introduced a new content management system (CMS) that made it quicker and easier to upload content, including video.

Selecting the right CMS was key as it had to  allow employees to read Pulse on their mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other devices, giving them complete flexibility. Importantly, there’s just a single security log-in for all devices to keep it simple and secure – vitally important for a company with such a critical role.

The impact

Pulse is very well received with high readership rates, monitored using Google analytics. Regular internal surveys show excellent engagement, with NATS scoring Pulse five out of five. The client says: ‘Your USP is being hands-on, approachable with great creativity, simple solutions with a good dash of heart and a can-do attitude.’