RBS: Disrupting with digital content – a vibrant new microsite on a Sharepoint-based intranet

The challenge

The internal communications team wanted a platform to directly engage the bank’s employees and share the exciting news, innovations, thought leadership and people stories behind the bank’s progress.

Our solution

Enter the Disrupt hub, a vibrant microsite supported by a regular email update.

Developed as a microsite within the bank’s SharePoint-based intranet, Sequel pushed the envelope by creating a look and feel to reflect the dynamic and innovative content.

Far from corporate, the subject matter, which could come across as complex and complicated, is fun to read which means employees can learn and talk about all the exciting things the bank is doing. The Disrupt hub is a steady pulse that keeps employees up to date with areas of work they may not be close to or involved in directly.

The value

The hub is helping change perceptions in the bank.

Employee engagement within the site is high. With more than 230,000 views – and counting – Disrupis now an internal channel of its own, generating ideas and helping to focus on innovation. It has undoubtedly fulfilled its goal of building belief in the organisation by shining a light on progress.

Featured articles see a click-through rate that’s almost 50 per cent higher than the average internal news article.