RBS: Intranet delivers savings and consistency globally

The challenge

After several restructures saturated 14 intranets with out-of-date or irrelevant content, RBS needed to overhaul its digital landscape. We were asked by the bank to combine these different platforms into a single functional SharePoint intranet.

Each of the existing intranets were based on different platforms, with varying technical capabilities, functionality and information architecture (IA). We needed to balance these requirements to create a global IA and site that would work across browsers and devices – and for 100,000 people worldwide.

The solution

We set up shop within RBS, with a dedicated project team to work alongside IT, HR and communications. We made the intranet fully accessible, and amalgamated different security barriers and criteria to create a robust and secure authentication system that applies to every user type and location.

RBS wanted an intranet to effectively be a ‘single point of truth’, particularly when it came to people data. We pulled together different feeds and cleaned up the data to create a new people directory to feed into the intranet and other systems.

We then used this comprehensive directory to generate custom and targeted information for each user, enriching the ‘out of the box’ experience by creating bespoke applications. One included a custom comments feature, which we tailored to RBS’ unique compliance needs.

Then there was the content – over half a million pages of it! We started with an analytics-based approach to the content audit, reviewing where there were duplications in the most used pages from each legacy intranet.

The impact

The global intranet has brought consistency to RBS’ communications, as well as operational savings because they no longer have to support and resource 14 different platforms.

But ‘going live’ doesn’t mean we’re finished. Our in-house team continues to support and improve the intranet to guarantee long-term success. This includes closing down the legacy sites and ensuring the technology is robust enough to support critical updates as we develop the site further.