Wolseley: planning for a paperless future

The challenge

When the UK’s largest supplier of building materials Wolseley rolled out a major change programme, as well as introducing a paperless system, it needed a way to communicate with its customers and its 580 branches across the UK.

Called Connect Plus, the transformation was rolled out in stages from March 2017, so it was important for branches to know what the programme was about, when they were going live and have access to guides, training and FAQs.

Our solution

Sequel developed a dedicated Connect Plus microsite to help people understand the reasons behind the roll-out, update them on the five key stages of the programme and provide the practical information they needed. On the home page of the site was a ‘go-live’ tracker with icons for the different areas of the business, and the names and locations of the branches as they went live. As the rollout progressed, the tracker showed an at-a-glance guide to who was live and when, as well as who was next to go paperless.

Other features included videos showing exactly what’s happening, guides on how to use the different paperless features needed to conduct business, training materials and a growing list of FAQs and answers.

The impact

Connect Plus – delivered in association with e&c communications, wasn’t just about technology; it was also a combination of real business change and effective communication to Wolseley’s customers, as well as 4,000 colleagues across 600 locations. Wolseley IT Director Roger Connett said: “This one of most technically complex projects we have achieved and, in addition to the software, we now have over 2,000 new devices out in the branches that need to work seamlessly to support our front end processes.

“In the closing survey conducted during April, 98 per cent of branch managers responded positively to seeing the real benefits of Connect Plus!

“Looking forward, I genuinely believe Connect Plus will serve as a platform that will enable us to further streamline our operational activities and deliver better customer service. There are already a number of projects in development that will build on the platform you have delivered.”