Biogen: building pride internally and externally

The challenge

Biogen leads the way in anaerobic digestion – sustainable food waste recycling that produces renewable energy and bio-fertiliser. It wanted a film that could speak to both internally and externally that created a sense of cohesion for Biogen’s disparate workforce. It also needed to showcase services and Biogen values to attract new business.

Our solution

Rather than a formal corporate film, we introduced a more dynamic approach to reflect the company’s spirit. The short film features engaging footage of Biogen’s people, plants and offices, mixing in motion graphics and animation to bring key messages to life.

Using storytelling techniques we take viewers on a journey through Biogen’s operations, closing with an introduction to their people and values to create a connection.

The impact

The film has been viewed more than 6,600 times on YouTube, since launch with an impact on Biogen’s internal and external audiences.

Employees have called the film “awesome”, saying it made them feel “proud to work for the company”.  And Biogen is confident that the film tipped the scales in their favour when they won new customer contracts shortly after the video’s release.