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Virgin Atlantic: Change Is in The Air – bringing Virgin Atlantic’s sustainability report to life

The challenge

In the lead-up to the release of it’s Change is in the Air 2018 Sustainability Report, Virgin Atlantic’s sustainability team wanted to demonstrate internally, externally and on social media some of the key areas in which they were taking sustainability action through a series of films. Importantly, the films had to be friendly, engaging and feature real employees, rather than a corporate narrative overlaying views of planet earth.

Our solution

We worked closely with Virgin Atlantic to develop and agree a creative approach for the films and identify the personalities who would feature in them.

We spoke to each of the contributors in advance to gauge what they were likely to talk about, as well as identify great scenarios for filming.

Scripting and storyboarding followed and, in a major feat of collaboration, the client and agency teams co-ordinated shooting and editing.

The first film was a three-minute introduction by CEO Craig Kreeger showing highlights of work done so far, using footage shot for a further four films on different aspects of Virgin’s sustainability strategy:

  • ethical standards in on board catering,
  • sustainability of the crew garments
  • how efficient aircraft handling can reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions
  • how its facilities and vehicles were reducing its carbon footprint.

All the films were shot during a four-day period.

The impact

We brought Virgin’s Change is in the Air2018 sustainability report to life by filming and editing five engaging and personable videos within a tight timeline and on a limited budget. The Virgin Atlantic team was then able to launch the films in stages as part of a planned release in line with external events.

The films achieved an incredible social media reach showcasing Virgin Atlantic’s success in reducing carbon emissions by 24 per cent since 2007.

They were shared with an audience of 1.3 million Virgin Atlantic followers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as 26.8 million Richard Branson, Twitter and LinkedIn followers.

Feedback from Virgin Atlantic’s audience was instant with over 32,000 likes, comments, views, link clicks, and shares to date, with one more film yet to be released.

Viewers spent 2,792 minutes watching the films (about 47 hours)

Our client is delighted with the quality and reach of the films:“Thank you for all of your hard work and efforts on the sustainability videos. They all look great and the stories have come across really well.”