Clifford Chance: Raising awareness about mental health

The challenge

Global law firm Clifford Chance wanted a powerful and emotive video to support a feature in its internal magazine about mental wellbeing in the workplace.

The feature and video played leading roles in a campaign to end stigma surrounding mental illness and to support workers in reaching their full potential by creating an environment where people at all levels are able to talk freely.

To reinforce this message, a Senior Partner offered to share his own experience of mental health issues to encourage others in the Firm to ask for help or support if they need it.

He had lost a close family member to depression-linked suicide. At this time of crisis, the Firm, his clients, friends and colleagues rallied round to help him cope and provide the support he needed.

Our solution

We worked closely with the client and the contributor to plan the film. We interviewed him at home with his family so he could share his experiences in a relaxed setting and filmed him at work interacting with colleagues.

To support the powerful messages, we also interviewed a senior HR colleague to share more detailed insight into the support programmes available at Clifford Chance and how they can be accessed.

The impact

Launched alongside the print and digital publication, response to the video was positive with higher reader engagement with the mental health feature and video than for any other story:

  • average time spent on each page across the whole issue: 1min 39sec
  • average time spent on the mental health feature/video: 2min 54sec

Importantly, there’s evidence that other colleagues are sharing their own stories and are confident that their issues will be handled sensitively and professionally, creating a ‘safe space’ for discussing mental health. The video also won Awards of Excellence with IoIC and IVCA Clarion.