Nationwide: Campaign puts Customers First

The challenge

Nationwide is the largest building society in the world with around 19,000 employees. The firm’s been a sector leader in customer satisfaction and service is one of its differentiators and a priority, particularly for customer-facing teams.

Nationwide wanted to engage employees to raise awareness, change behaviour and create a sense of understanding about customers and how everyone is integral to putting customers first.

Our solution

We identified a range of communication tools that would work together to deliver the messages in an ongoing, engaging and positive way. The campaign creative would feature real Nationwide people.

We developed an extended, multi-media campaign beginning with a series of teaser posters and a teaser film. The three-phase campaign would include further posters and videos, competitions and games, life-size cut-outs and large foam #1s: all with a recognisable brand themed around the number one.

The impact

Nationwide monitors customer service through its different channels. In the first three months of the campaign, Branch scores increased from 76.2% to 77.8%; Telephone increased 69.1% to 75.5%; and Mobile went up from 66.9% to 68.7%

While the campaign may not claim sole responsibility, it is clear that at the touch points where customers engage with Nationwide people, customer service levels have increased.

When the teaser video launched it became the most watched film with 7,490 plays and an internal survey showed that 91% ‘believe the Customer First campaign has helped put the spotlight on customer service’.