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Lloyds Commercial Banking: Empowering people to deliver

The challenge:

As the banking sector looks to the future, Lloyds Commercial Banking is focusing on continual improvement and the best possible service for clients. The bank needs to take its people on that journey. The challenge was to get leaders engaged and staff excited and motivated about the bank’s focus and direction and to understand how everyone can incorporate the new thinking into their work.

Our solution:

We helped Lloyds create the bigger picture… with a big picture.16 feet wide and 10 feet high.

This started with focus groups that helped us pull together visual ideas for the big picture concept. It needed to capture the bank’s message and convey that message in a visual and attractive way. The result was a suite of tools and communications centred on the giant picture, showing the road to Lloyds Commercial Banking’s goal: to help Britain prosper globally.

The main task of creating the piece was completed at an event for the top100 leaders and then it was taken on the road to different sites. For these roadshows we produced a special toolkit including notes for presenters, a short animation of the story and the key messages, a summary handout and a game to bring the story to life.

The next chapter was a microsite on the intranet including on a digital version of the big picture. Clicking on any element brings up an explanation of the activity and its relevance to the bank’s plans. It all added up to a full and accessible vision of where the bank is going, how it will get there and how staff can be part of the journey.

The impact:

Feedback for the delivery of the concept and bringing it alive for the different groups was positive and the big picture is being used throughout the division, sparking discussion and informing direction.