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SAB Miller: Making annual results engaging and social

The challenge

SAB Miller wanted to find a more interesting and engaging way of sharing its performance figures that reached its diverse audience and enhanced employee knowledge.

Our solution

We created an annual results quiz, a piece of highly shareable, interactive and animated content that could go out principally from Yammer, the company’s primary social platform.

One challenge was in preparing the questions so that they were interesting and not just fact based. Users who completed the quiz were given a score and were able to share their results through Yammer to encourage other people to take it.

The impact

Through 10 questions, SABMiller communicated numerous pieces of information by giving detailed answers and inviting discussion around the subject. This meant that everyone who took part came away with a better understanding of the company’s performance and what it meant to them.

The Yammer ‘share’ function meant the quiz went viral, reaching a much wider audience than usual, with more people interested and involved with the results. The quiz was the most-used piece of Yammer content SAB Miller had ever had and the formula has been repeated.