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C&A Foundation: Inspiring stories change fashion industry perceptions

The challenge

C&A Foundation is the corporate foundation for the global fashion retailer, C&A.

It believes that fashion has the power to improve the lives of the men and women behind our clothes and its mission is to transform the industry to make that happen.

The Foundation wanted to use Instagram for the first time to publish compelling images and stories about the people behind our clothes, as told through the eyes of creative photographers across the world.

The solution

The Foundation asked Sequel to write more than 120 concise yet imaginative Instagram stories to help bring the messages around the imagery alive. We worked with copy sent by the photographers in India, Brazil, Bangladesh and Mexico to craft copy – limited to 2,200 characters including hashtags – to celebrate the daily lives of people working in the fashion industry and the challenges they face.

The impact

By day three of the campaign, which was also linked to the Foundation website and included carefully chosen hashtags, the site had more than 800 follows and rose to nearly 2,000 in a few weeks.