NHS Digital: empowering digital communications through storytelling

The challenge

NHS Digital – the UK’s health and social care information and technology partner – and UCLPartners (UCLP) – an academic health science partnership – were concerned. They felt there was a real lack of awareness of the power and potential in digital channels for health and care communication.

They approached us to help them run a campaign of case studies, which would highlight ‘trailblazing’ organisations and encourage others to follow in their virtual footsteps.

The solution

By harnessing the power of storytelling, we wrote and designed eight case studies under the series title #DigitalDiaries. We interviewed communication managers across the health and care sector to create meaningful first-person narratives, where the organisation and channel were championed as the characters in each case study (or ‘chapter’) title.

Each case study is packed with real-life, practical advice – from getting stakeholders on side to what it’s like to run the channel on a daily basis – and personal anecdotes to help the reader relate to the subject.

The #DigitalDiaries title doubled as a campaign hashtag and the studies were shared across email, social media and the UCLP website to raise awareness and encourage conversation around the topic.

The impact

#DigitalDiaries inspired conversation on social media and in communication forums with communicators sharing best practice and examples of how they use the same channels in different ways.

We’re already seeing evidence of the case studies helping to bolster communicators’ arguments for trying out digital tools in their own organisations, with one reporting back that her IT team had already used them to help make the argument for a platform in their Trust.