July Storyboard is now out, featuring video, the ‘Streisand Effect’ and BYOD

Slide1The July issue of Storyboard is now available and we are sharing some great internal communication stories.

This month one of our Editors, Claire Thurlow, discussed the benefits of using video to enhance internal comms and engage employees, plus some ideas of ways it could be used.  Video may have killed the radio star but it has massive creative potential for internal communication and is becoming increasingly popular.

One of the stranger additions to Storyboard is an article about the ‘Streisand Effect’, so called after Barbara Streisand. As the article says, ‘In simple terms, it describes how actions with an intended purpose can backfire, making things worse than if just left alone’  – what can this mean for communications and how can we limit the ‘Effect’?

The issue also features details about a new MA in Internal Communication Management, to be launched soon at Kingston Business School, and endorsed by the IoIC and thoughts from Yammer on their integration with Klout. Last week, Fiona Allison, an Editor with Sequel Group put forward some of the security risks that can be associated with ‘Bringing your own Device’ to work – BYOD – are companies really ready to let their employees use their own devices for work?  And last but not least, increasingly we are looking for more creative ways to break down the barriers of communication at work this article from Forbes gives some great ideas for simplifying the flow of communication.

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