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Kerry Foods: Business-focused management magazine opens up collaboration

The challenge

Kerry Foods employs more than 6,500 people across 21 locations in the UK and Ireland with roles ranging from head-office functions to manufacturing and distribution. The company wanted a digital publication to keep middle managers and above informed about the company’s strategic direction, future vision and performance, as well as their role in making the company successful.

It had to complement the printed quarterly magazine, Kerry Foods News, which is largely aimed at the blue collar workforce.

Our solution

Kerry Foods Insight (kfi) provides a great user experience, being fully responsive across all devices and with a ‘mobile first’ design approach. Every story is on full view at the start and, once a user selects a story, they can scroll down, so there’s no limit on length.

kfi also provides a platform for two-way communication with comment and ‘like’ functions as well as video, gamification, and an opportunity to engage with particular articles when invited to respond to a question.

The impact

This award-winning microsite demonstrates how technical expertise and creativity can come together to help organisations reach a specific target group. On average 52% of readers spend four minutes or more reading the magazine. From new joiners to established directors, both the stats and the feedback indicate that kfi is helping to keep people informed, engaged and interested.