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08 June 2015

Our new-look brand

‘You only get one chance to make a first impression’ and at Sequel Group we want our first impression to show what we do as a business and who we are as a company.

Six months ago we started talking about our brand, especially our website, and how we could change it to show how much Sequel has developed since its creation in 2009.

We want the Sequel brand to reflect the standards we work to, and the innovative ideas and work we pride ourselves on delivering as a team.

Our Head of Creative began developing new concepts and ideas, incorporating elements of the old brand within the new. Our previous logo included three circles: the first two representing the two companies that came together to form Sequel Group. We wanted to keep this nod to Sequel’s history.

We now have four circles that surround our wordmark. They represent our four areas of expertise: Digital, Print, Strategy and Video.


Our colour palette has also changed and now features sophisticated greys and teals, succulent pinks, punchy blues and vibrant, sun drenched yellows.

Despite this bold visual transformation you’ll still find elements of Sequel’s signature purple throughout the new website and our branding.

We are very excited to have launched our new website – worlds away from its predecessor.

We’ve replaced the previous rough background textures and icons with a smoother, cleaner design that includes uncluttered and fuss-free navigation that is more user-friendly.

Our website is important to us, we wanted to reflect Sequel’s creativity, innovation and focus on users.

And that’s something we’re proud to say we’ve achieved.