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05 November 2013

And the – social media – results are in! [Infographic]

infragraphic-2013-hiresIt was great to work with Rachel Miller again this year to create an engaging infographic that displays the results from her 2013 social media survey of how internal communications pros use social media – in both their personal and professional lives.

There were some interesting results, especially in comparison to the results from the same survey run last year.  There was a 6.4% raise in internal social networks being introduced by a company’s comms team, as opposed to HR or IT, however only 18% of comms pros defined what they wanted their network to achieve before its launch.

Around 35-36% of people reported that their company doesn’t have an internal social network. If you are interested in discussing introducing an ESN into your business a big problem can often be getting the buy-in needed from stakeholders we have some thoughts on our blog about selling ESNs into your own company.

The most popular social media platform used was Twitter which 91% of pros use in their personal lives and 64.3% use in their professional lives. This year ‘Vine’ was included as an option and 11% of those surveyed indicated using it in their personal lives compared to just 3.1% for work. Interestingly, less people believe that their social media use will increase in their personal lives and professional lives compared to 2012 – instead more people indicated that their social media use would remain the same.

12.7% more comms pros indicated using books at learn about social media this year as opposed to 2012, but the most popular resource was – once again – blogs with 72.4% of people using them for information.

As Rachel first indicated when we discussed her reasons for re-doing the survey this year:

“The responses will highlight any shifts in the expectations placed on internal communicators, and attitudes about the use of social media for internal communication.”

There are a lot of interesting conclusions we can draw from the figures about how internal comms pros use social media but also about how its use in IC can be improved upon and therefore most benefit the industry.

To see the full survey and thoughts on Rachel’s site please go to: