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03 February 2022

Employee Engagement Trends Report 2022

For our ninth annual Employee Engagement Trends Report, our Insight team looks at some of the IC, HR and IT trends to watch out for, and take action on, in 2022.

When we wrote our 2021 trends report on Human Communication in a Hybrid World, we were confident that the themes around hybrid working, digital transformation and leadership authenticity, would become increasingly important during the year.

And while things certainly headed in that direction, there was also a sense of the ‘pause’ button being hit as comms professionals continued in 2020’s ‘deliver now, plan later’ mode.

As we look ahead to the coming year, we sense that fingers are hovering over the ‘play’ button as organisations look to fully realise the plans they’ve been preparing since 2020.

So, how have the trends has played out, what’s still trending, and what should be the focus for communicators, IT and HR’s in 2022?

Request Employee Engagement Trends 2022 now. And book out next Sequel Presents session on 17 February where award-winning internal communicator Kate Goodman will quiz Sequel’s Head of Insight Paul Jones on what’s hot, or not, in 2022.

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