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15 September 2017

Fake News? Make News! – The corporate newsroom

Changing the landscape of internal messages with the corporate newsroom.

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After years of churning out bland, jargon-filled corporate messages, internal communicators are increasingly taking an editorially-led approach to content and combining the skills of journalists with their organisation’s broader communication objective to give employees a richer, rewarding reading experience.

Companies like Shell, General Electric, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Siemens and Nationwide – among others – are integrating a global newsroom model into their strategy. But how easy is it do that? How do you convince the exec team it’s a good idea? What makes great corporate news, can you ensure editorial control and what skills do you need?

All these questions and more will be answered at the next seminar from Aspic (in association with Sequel) where the do’s and don’ts of producing corporate news will be discussed by our guest speakers.

Our first speaker is Kunal Dutta, chief editor, digital channels at Shell.  Kunal works with an editorial team of writers and editors based in London, The Hague, Singapore, Dubai and Houston. The team comprises former Journalists from major newspapers and broadcasters and their role is to ensure content for Shell’s Inside Energy digital news title adopts key journalistic principles, including telling stories through people. Kunal will talk about how this is achieved, together with the importance of producing timely content, adapting it for different channels, cultivating sources within the organisation, having regular content ‘huddles’ and having a robust, but flexible, approach to accountability.

Kunal will be joined by Premal Spiegel, newsroom manager at Mondelez International. With more than 90,000 employees to engage, the newsroom team at Mondelez International – owner of some of the world’s biggest brands, including Cadbury – faces a daily challenge to produce content which appeals to a diverse audience.

Premal will be sharing some of the techniques she and her colleagues use to help tell a good story and measure impact.


Kunal Dutta
Chief Editor, Digital Channels
Royal Dutch Shell

Premal Spiegel
Newsroom Manager
Mondelez International

The event takes place at The Gridiron, overlooking Kings Cross, on Friday October 13 from 9-11am and tickets are now on sale at £25 + VAT each.

To book your place via Eventbrite, click here.