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16 October 2019

Linking the digital workplace and corporate strategy

Sequel is supporting Intranet Now, the 2019 digital workplace conference for comms and intranet people.

Intranet Now, on 4 October, is a chance to chat to peers, listen to experts in the field and learn best practice from those who’ve done it first.

The conference is for people who work in and around the digital workplace. It’s about much more than intranets; it covers positioning the digital workplace as a tool to deliver corporate strategy. Speakers, including Sequel’s Digital Media Director Charles Fenoughty, will talk about the wider digital workplace, engagement and the employee experience.

‘About life’

Organisers Lisa Reimer and Wedge (who has just a single name like a rock star!) say Intranet Now is ‘about work, and so it’s about life’. There will be practical advice, and speakers will address problems including ways of working, reaching remote workers, and the technology to support colleagues’ needs and business goals.

Intranet Now features a keynote speaker, nine-minute lightning talks, workshops and a chance to talk to professional peers.

“We each have nine minutes to talk so it’s a bit of a challenge,” says Charles. “I’ll have to be really quick!”

He has a lot to pack in: he’ll talk about bridging the gap between IT and communications and suggest a simple framework to help plan which tool is best for which purpose for an easy to understand digital workplace.

Internal comms and Office 365

Charles will also discuss Sequel’s experience of helping businesses as they introduce Office 365. Many companies see the digital transformation as an IT issue and internal communication  is often neglected.

Without the right comms, employees have great Office 365 tools to play with, but no idea how to make the most of them to align business strategy with comms and the employee experience.

Sequel’s approach to new tech is to put people first, bridging the gap between IT and comms. At the conference, Charles will share great digital transformation stories with a ‘people first’ approach. He’ll outline best practice and top tips learned from delivering strategic digital transformations.

He’s also looking forward to meeting the other speakers and attendees.

“I’m sure all the speakers will be excellent, but for me one of the most interesting aspects of Intranet Now is getting all those internal communications and intranet people in one room,” says Charles. “It’s a fantastic chance to swap stories, share advice and support each other. It should be a lot of fun.”

The event also promises a good lunch, good wifi and no dress code!

Intranet Now is on Friday 4 October 2019 at 1 America Square, 17 Crosswall, London EC3N 2LB. You can buy tickets by clicking here.